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pyotr Patrushev
30 years of international and local interpreting experience at every level

Interpreting Events

We have covered many conferences and events, from delegation visits and remote mines in Western Australia, to G20, APEC meetings, and Olympic and Asian Games.

We have been providing delegation and court interpreting for 15 years for community organisations such as Community Relations Commission (CRC – NSW), VITS (Victoria), TIS, as well as for trade and corporate meetings, congresses, conferences and sporting events.
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Interpreting Services

Consecutive Interpreting

Interpreting at highly technical meetings, negotiations, conferences, working lunches, small groups, field trips, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpreting at live seminars, conferences, presentations, etc., using a soundproof booth, sound amplification equipment and audiovisual tools.

russian-english interpreting

Voice-Over, Telephone, Skype-and Video-Assisted Interpreting

англо русский переводчик, Russian to english

англо русский переводчик, Russian to english


We have a variety of female and male voices.
(Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.)


Interpreting of telephone conversations, and online video and voice interpreting via Skype allows you to cut costs dramatically, gain greater access to interpreting services across the same country or around the globe, and save time on travelling.

Note: Your conversations can be audio- and video-recorded, and supplied to you, free of charge.

Russian-English translator Australia
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